Block Party//Yard Sale: One of our biggest events of the summer.                                                                          Enjoy our free Barbecue with all the trimmings.                                                                Jump Houses, Dunk Tank, Games, lots of fun for all ages.                                              And of course our HUGE yard sale.                                                                                    August 8th, 2015

 Halloween:                     Trunk or Treat!!! Halloween is always a safe and fun time                                                for all. We have Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea for                                                          everyone; And of course CANDY AND SWEETS!!!

Family Night and a Movie:   Hot dogs, Popcorn, and other great eats. PLUS A                                                             MOVIE!!!! Second Friday of the month @ 6:00pm

Senior Breakfast & Video:   Pancakes, Sausage or Ham, Eggs and other breakfast                                                     eats. PLUS a thought provoking video. First Friday of                                                     the of the month @10:00am

Keep watching: More events are in the works.                                                                                                      

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